【Vision Scalper V6】with News Filter Fix

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If you need help installing the EA:Please refer to **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAfN-NO7VE8**PLEASE SET ONLY ONE CHART/GRAPH !!Step 1Open your MT4
Go to file > open data folder > MQL4  > experts > copy and paste the vision scalper ex4 file
Step 2Go back to MT4
Switch on "Auto Trading" that is near to new order - if is green colour mean on, it is red colour mean off.
Go-to navigator or (Ctrl + N) > Expert Advisor > Refresh > double click vision
>Input your subscription id  and email ( input the id without "#". Example 1234, not #1234) * Not Your Order ID *
go to "Common Tab" just above the license settings>Check the box of the "Allow Live Trading", "Allow DLL import"  and  "Allow import of external experts"
Click OkDone
You should be able to see " Vision Scalper v6.0 " on your chart and you are good to go!
Minimum & Recommended Starting Balance: A80fQGdqp-fAvAhJJEBb8_image.png
This is where you set the No. of Active Pairs. l5fRrBAW7uj8efXpH8fP7_image.png
*Please Make Sure You Show All the Currency Pairs To Activate The Trades. cpdSQ6RorSRdcIe8xEUf-_image.png
How to Load " SetFile "
Brokers & Account:Any Low Spread Brokers
Recommended Pairs:Enable Major pairs first, then only minor pairs.
Time Frame:1 Hour (Install it on any pair. Example: EURUSD 1H)
Subscription ID:Check your email (refer to the picture below).
Email address:The email you used for purchase.
Settings:We recommend you use the default setting
Magic Number:Use any lucky number. (Default = 684868)
Initial Lot:Recommend to leave this as 0.01.If you have a high balance, switch “Auto Lot” on and we’ll calculate for you.
Lot Setting:Fixed Lot = use an initial lot; choose the lot that you want to trades.Auto Lot = we’ll calculate the lot for you.
Take Profit:Take profit amount in points.Recommend to leave this as default (100 pips).If your Trailing Mode is set to false, use lower points like 20~30 pips.
Trailing Mode:Default = true.Turn it off if you don’t like trailing.
Trailing Start:Default = 25pips. This is the point where it starts to trail.Example:When the open position hits 25pips, trailing starts activated.If the price falls back to 20pips, it will take profit (If Trailing Step = 5pips).But if the price continues to go up to 40pips, the new stop-loss will be 35pips.
Trailing Step:Default = 5pips.Trailing Step is how many pips to "Lock" when trailing activated. Do not set this too low, allow some "room" for the price to fluctuate.Example:If set to 5pips, the trailing will be increased by 5pips each. First trailing activated and SL is 20pips when price moves up to 30pips, the SL is 25pips, moves up to 45pips, SL is 40pips.
Martingale Mode:True = On, False = Off. We recommend turning this on if you are following our recommended balance.
Martingale Multiplier:Default = 2.0. We recommend leaving this as it is.
Step Multiplier:Default = 2.5.If you wish to have a closer distance between layered trade, change this to 1 ~ 1.5.We recommend leaving this as it is.
Minimum Step Distance:Default = 15pips.This is where you can set the "Minimum" distance between trades, you can set it to a higher number if you will feel safer that way.We recommend leaving this as it is.
Trade Entry:
  • Highly Accurate = Fewer trades but more accurateentry points. (Recommended)
  • Less Accurate = Moderate trade opens, quiteaccurate entry point.
  • Least Accurate = Open trades fast but veryhigh risks!
Risk Mode:3 Main mode. Please choose the one that suits you.We recommend leaving this to “No Risk Management” if you have enough balance
1st Mode:
When lost reaches <XX>%, clear all trades, restart EA.This mode applies to ALL CURRENCY PAIRS.When your account balance drops to <XX>%, it will clear ALL OPEN TRADES that you have.
2nd Mode:
When currencies reach <X> addon orders, clear all that currency.This mode applies to SPECIFIC CURRENCY PAIRS only.
Example:You have 3 currency pairs open right now, EURUSD, AUDCAD, EURJPY.My setting is “When currencies reach 5 addon orders, clear all that currency”.AUDCAD and EURJPY are at 2 addon orders, EURUSD is at 4 addon orders.The moment EURUSD reaches 5 addon orders, ONLY EURUSD trades will be closed,while AUDCAD and EURJPY will remain OPEN.
3rd Mode:
When currencies reach <X> addon orders, stop adding orders.
This mode will apply to SPECIFIC CURRENCY PAIRS only.
Example:You have 3 currency pairs open right now, EURUSD, AUDCAD, EURJPY.My setting is “When currencies reach 5 addon orders, stop adding orders”.AUDCAD and EURJPY are at 2 addon orders, EURUSD is at 5 addon orders.The moment EURUSD reaches 5 addon orders, it WILL NOT open any more orders.It will wait for the market to recover and close in profit.
Restart EA after Stop Loss?:This is related to the previous setting.You can choose to continue trades immediatelyor wait for <X> hours before starting to trade again.
Enable News Filter?:Default = trueSet this to true if you want to enable a news filter.We recommend leaving this as it is.
Update every ?? hour:Default = 4How many hours the EA will get the updated data from the server again.We recommend leaving this as it is.
Disable ?? Minutes before News:Default = 60How many minutes before the news do you want to stop trading.We recommend leaving this as it is.
Enable ?? Minutes after News:Default = 300How many minutes after the news do you want to start trading. We put the default as 5 hours because averagely news will affect the price in the first 5 hours. If you want any higher number, change to anything you like.We recommend leaving this as it is.
Filter news from ?? impact:Default = High ImpactIf you set this to Low Impact, it will filter Low, Medium, High Impact news.If you set this to Medium Impact, it will filter Medium, High Impact news.If you set this to High Impact, it will only filter High Impact news.We recommend leaving this as it is.
Maximum Active Currency Pairs:The number of different currency pairs you wanted to trade.Default = 14you can set it to a different number according to your balance.
Currency Pairs Setting:
  • "All Currencies” must be set to “Allow Trades” if you want to trade.
  • “Close all trades immediately, stop trading” if you want to disable specifies currency pair.
  • “Stop after profit locked” is useful when you have that particular pairs of trades open.
Example: My EURUSD is open now, but I wish to close it after it makes a profit. I edit the EA setting, change EURUSD to “Stop after profit locked”, so it won’t open trades anymore after it’s closed.
Please take note!!We do not recommend having any manual trades or another EA running on the same MT4 account with Vision Scalper.With another EA or manual trades, our EA will not work effectively.Since we are continually monitoring the entry point and market behaviour of 28 currency pairings.
If there is an interruption, trades or work will be disrupted or in the worst-case scenario, all trades will be closed!

Trade Multiple Currency in ONE CHART

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