【Trade Angel V2.0】Latest version with DLL included

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                                                Trade Angel
Year of issue : 2022
Version : V2.0
Sale site :  [color=rgb( var(--theme-link) )]https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/81380

TradeAngel is a powerful and addictive trading robot for the DE40 index (aka DAX40/GER40).
Currency Pairs : DE40
Timeframe : M15-M30-H1
Trading Hours : Opens trades from Dax open (9am Frankfurt time) to 8pm Frankfurt time.
Description : There are five different strategies in the EA. One, in general, to throw away - very rare deals, there is a chance that success is accidental. Two - from the series "the third grade - not a marriage, the fourth - not the last." And two - frankly good. The strategies do not correlate with each other, which results in a smoother balance growth curve than either of them.

The TradeAngel logic runs on our own proprietary indicators called angel factor/period (you will see this in the inputs).
Works by tracking the movement and volatility of the DAX40 only during market hours, once it detects a strong move, it will catch on to momentum and open a trade at the start of the next bar (on a 15 minute bar on a 15 minute chart, at the start of a 30 minute bar at 30 -monthly chart and also within 1 hour).

- Trade Angel uses a hard stop loss and take profit of 40-50 pips. (Indices use pips, not pips).

- Opens trades from Dax open (9am Frankfurt time) to 8pm Frankfurt time.

- Maximum 3 trades at any given time (1 per chart), no need to keep track of a large number of orders.

- Dax40 is a very cheap tool to trade, most brokers offer 0.5-1.0 spread with little or no commissions.

- No need to keep long-term losing trades

TradeAngel for MT4 is a fully automated, 100% hands-free trading system, advisor.
TradeAngel uses a NEXT trade recovery feature that will increase the trade size x2 after a loss by up to 5 levels, however the user has the option to disable this feature by setting the increaselotafterloss = false parameter.
You are not required to use the retracement feature, we prefer to use it as it does what it says it does - retrace the previous losing trade faster, flattening the equity curve.
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Trade Angel v2.0.ex4

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