【Price Action AS MT4】

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Price Action system algorithm

      The screenshot was taken during the test from 2015.01 to 2021.11.11
Time-tested, and thus there is a very high probability that there will be a price movement in this direction.


If you wanted to test the Expert Advisor, then you need to enable a real account!
If a demo account is enabled, there will be no such results.
When a demo account is turned on, it does not see half, or even 2/3 of the transactions!

Good trading everyone!


#Orders maximum allowed number of open orders

#Risk is the percentage of the load on the deposit.
Lot size depends on Risk

The risk is more than 3 I DO NOT RECOMMEND.
RICE STEP 0.1 FOR SOME BROKERS 0.1 = 1% price-action-as-screen-4767.jpg price-action-as-screen-7200.png

Price Action AS EA.zip

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